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Media Communications Academy

Robert Small first gained an interest at Center High School and enrolled in its Media Communications Academy (MCA) as a sophomore.

As an aspiring filmmaker, he made his first commercial at the end of the year for the MCA Donut Store.

In his junior year, he was the main character portraying himself in  a “mockumentary” during a five-day stay in Honolulu, Hawaii.

He also junior served as a Junior Representative on the MCA Student Council, planning activities and events.

Controversial news broke out around the Sacramento-area when CHS head football coach and Small’s MCA U.S. History teacher Digol J’Beily was fired from his coaching position  by two board members who voted against him.

J’Beily’s father-in-law was had to abstain to vote because he was a family member.

The firing was widely covered by local media, and the exposure that the school received increased Small’s interest in journalism. J’Beily was later reinstated and the two board members that voted to fire him were removed from office.

During his senior year, Small enrolled in MCA Advanced Broadcast Journalism, joining the school broadcast news program Channel 25 News.  He worked as a reporter, producer, editor and a photographer for five stories.

Winterguard:  Gave an inside look of the team practicing for an upcoming competition.

Tree Planting:  Follow-up report of a beetle infestation. Gave a report on how students were taking time off to help Center High School by planting trees and mulching.

Animé Club:  Gave an inside look of the school’s Animé Club and their preparations for Open House.

College and Career Fair:  Gave a report on how the fair was important to students trying to figure out life after high school.

Sports-O-Rama:  Profiled the senior class’ road to success in the 2006 class competition.

After he showed the Sports-O-Rama video to CBS13 anchor/reporter Brandi Hitt during a visit to MCA she supported him in pursuing a career in journalism.

Not long after, he won the MCA Senior of the Year award for based on his personal improvement and contributions to Channel 25 News.  On June 1, 2006, I graduated from CHS and completed MCA, graduating with honors.

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